Top 10 Biodegradable Bag Wholesalers in Australia

Biodegradable and compostable bags are products made from PLA, PBAT, ST (CORN STARCH).

I would say this is one of the best ways to show care and concern for the environment.

Many companies now specialize in the utilization and wholesale of degradable bags.

In this article, I intend to guide you through and show you some of these companies based in Australia.

Suzhou Hemcbags Co., Ltd.
  • Location: Suzhou, China
  • Company Type: manufacturing, wholesale
  • Year Established: 2009
  • Main Products: Biodegradable Bags
  • Other Products:Biodegradable shopping bags, biodegradable garbage bags, biodegradable dog poop bags
Suzhou Hemcbags Co., Ltd.

I have been working with Hemcbags for over 5 years. I have witnessed their excellent products and deep customer service. Before joining Hemcbags, I used to purchase biodegradable bag products from the US and Australia. This was very demanding for me because of the follow-up procedures. Later, I and a few other colleagues came on board and we came up with the brand, which has grown tremendously over the years.

My love for the environment is my main driving factor. Hemcbags is committed to environmental sustainability and we achieve this by producing eco-friendly products. You can visit my website for more information.


I endorse BECAUSE WE CARE™ Pty Ltd as one of the best biodegradable bag wholesalers in Australia. They offer free shipping if you purchase over $75 in Australia, with a small charge for shipping worldwide.

Since 2000, Because We Care has worked hard to develop products that lead the way for sustainability and supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for protecting the planet. 

After rigorous testing and trials, the result is a high-quality range of eco-aware items. The diverse product range meets global standards and is recognised in Australia, North America and Europe for its level of biodegradability. 


I would recommend this company as it is made from corn, plastic free, 90 day compostable, has a unique scent and comes from Australia.

The amazing organic ingredient used in Compost-A-Pak® products is corn. They chose corn because it is an annual renewable crop. Unlike trees, corn can be regrown and harvested within a season.

The actual crops are purposely sourced from international non-GMO areas with high rainfall to minimize irrigation. In addition, the corn kernels actually selected belong to third-grade corn. This spoiled corn is usually leftover by farmers to rot and is not suitable for human or animal consumption, so don’t miss it even for chickens!

Using purpose built biodegradable resin extruders, a BF Series Resin is extracted from the combination of corn starch, biodegradable ingredients, and some proprietary elements. From this resin, blown film bags are then formed in a range of styles, sizes and thicknesses.

Biome corporation
Biome corporation

Tracey Bailey created Biome to empower others with the knowledge and access to carefully-vetted choices that would make a difference. The dream started 20 years ago when Tracey visited the endangered orangutans in Indonesia and pledged to be part of the change!

Soon after opening the first store in Paddington, Tracey’s mother developed a terminal brain tumour. This loss ignited her passion to avoid the unsafe industrial chemicals that brands hide from us.

Together with the Biome team today, Tracey continues to delve into misleading claims around palm oil, biodegradable plastics, bamboo fabric, and synthetic fragrances.

The company’s mission is to support the environment, climate change, and global sustainability. Check their website to make some wholesale inquiries today.


Biogone™ Is said to have at least 10 production lines. All products produced are for wholesale. Its main markets are Australia, Canada, Germany, India, and the United Kingdom with over 80% of its products being exported.

I recognize this company for its quality products, fast shipment, and high standards of service to customers.

Biotuff LLC
Biotuff LLC

I recently conducted some research for this company, which has taken on the sustainability needs of the bioplastics industry and created a range of biodegradable and compostable bioplastics.

The plastics they manufacture in China are produced from biomass feedstocks such as plasarch material (PSM), a biodegradable thermoplastic resin derived from renewable cornstarch.

The biodegradable nature of this resin allows the company to produce an environmentally friendly alternative to waste disposal, fulfilling our vision of sustainable growth for our planet.

The company, headquartered in Melbourne, is committed to creating a global supply chain for sustainable bioplastic production to help reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

No Plastic International Pty Ltd
No Plastic International Pty Ltd

At Cassava Bags Australia, the world of single-use plastics is being revolutionized with an exciting new plant-based bio-resin. This innovative material replicates the properties of traditional plastic but is 100% biodegradable and compostable.

The company makes water-soluble bags, reusable waterproof bags and disposable cups with lids, and we’re developing a variety of other products including straws, takeout containers and cutlery, all of which use our tapioca Made of bio-based resin.

We are committed to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by creating sustainable, planet-friendly solutions. When our products are no longer needed, they can be safely dissolved in water or composted, leaving no toxins or microplastics behind.

Envirostar Australia Pty Ltd
  • Location: Epping VIC
  • Company type: manufacturing, trading, wholesale
  • Main products: Biodegradable Bags
  • Other products: Bin LinersDoggy Bags,Nappy bags
Envirostar Australia Pty Ltd

Its mission is to provide customers with high-quality compostable solutions to move towards a greener and cleaner future, creating environmental sustainability and positive impact.

Hello Charlie LLC
Hello Charlie LLC

Its range of compostable bags will completely decompose rather than just degrade into smaller pieces. They’re all made from plant-based materials and are independently tested and certified to decompose back into the earth.

Biodegradable diaper bags to help control baby odors, and for fur babies, we have biodegradable dog poop bags. You can collect food scraps in compostable plastic bags and add them directly to your compost pile instead of putting them in landfills.

BioPak LLC
  1. Location: Brunswick
  2. Company type: manufacturing, trading, wholesale
  3. Main products: Biodegradable Bags
  4. Other products: Bin Liners,Cups ,Plates
BioPak LLC

Its mission is to create sustainable packaging that puts the planet first. At BioPak, champion the transition to a circular economy through industry-leading plant-based products. Their product range is primarily made from renewable materials and is certified compostable.

Final Thoughts

I would like to urge us all to take part fully in the biodegradable efforts being made towards conserving the environment. Let’s purchase these companies’ products to ensure simple, safer, healthier, and wealthier living. 

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